Sunday, November 1, 2009

24 days and counting...

Plane tickets - check
Back pack - check
Passport - check
Visa - eeerr...still coming.
Spanish and Portuguese - ninguno (none...just picked up my Spanish 'phrase finder' for the first time. But look, I've learnt something already)

I'm leaving Brisbane in three weeks and don't feel organised enough to be flying to South America on my own. I think I arrive in Lima, Peru at midnight (actually, I don't know...Aerolineas Argentinas keeps changing my flight...) and declined when the travel agent offered to book me a transfer (is there something wrong with me?) I'm twenty, but people still ask me what grade I'm in at school. Perhaps I should wear platforms...

After a few days in Lima on my own I join a tour, where we travel through Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. My gorgeous boyfriend is flying over to meet me for my 21st birthday in Rio de Janeiro (which happens to be the day before New Years Eve) and together we'll do more of Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

But for now, dónde está mi libro de frases ??